Heavy Gear Assault Jumps to Steam Early Access on December 15


Place your bets. The mecha arena combat game Heavy Gear Assault, based off the hit tactical tabletop wargame, is coming to Steam Early Access next week.

Heavy Gear Assault is an arena combat game where fully destructive mechs called Gears battle for glory with the help of their corporate sponsors. What's cool about Heavy Gear is that you can blow off enemy Gears' limbs, and the game is designed with eSports in mind.

According to today's press release, here's the rundown of Heavy Gear Assault's key features:

  • Dynamic Combat – Rip apart the arena with fully destructible Gears. Blow an opponent’s limb off and use their weapon against them.
  • Fully Customizable Gears – Come check out the Gear Bay Module allowing you to select your favorite pilot and fully customize your arsenal, armor, and paint.
  • Made in Unreal Engine 4 – Battle for dominance in photo-realistically beautiful arenas. Enjoy performance that scales to high and low-spec PCs.
  • Built For eSports – Compete in tournaments and organized matches for fame and fortune.
  • Community Dedication – Host your own dedicated servers and collect stats for your own private tournament. Take the power in your hands and join or create your own Heavy Gear Assault team.

Vince McMullin, CEO and Producer of Stompy Bot talked about working on the beloved franchise:

Heavy Gear Assault found great support through our communities who shared their love and passion for the Heavy Gear franchise. Stompy Bot’s independence has enabled us to deliver an outstanding game, which is still closer to the characteristics of the mech genre than anyone has offered before. However, we’re not resting on our laurels and will continue our relationship with the community during Early Access, as we want their feedback as we roll out new features.

Heavy Gear Assault comes to Steam Early Access on December 15th. Joe Kreiner, Epic Games' head of Unreal Engine licensing for the Americas, said:

As one of the first mech sims built with Unreal Engine 4, it's great to see Heavy Gear Assault make its way into players' hands. This shows how a small team can use our tools to get ahead, realize their vision and ship a fun game.