Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 2 PC Testing Kicks Off Later Today, 343 Industries Confirms

halo 2 pc testing

Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 2 PC testing will begin later today and invites will be sent within a few hours, 343 Industries has confirmed.

Earlier this month we already reported on public flighting for both Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary, and Community Support & Engagement Coordinator, Tyler “Postums” Davis, has now announced that public testing for Halo insiders will begin later today.

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According to Postums, the team is targeting to kick off the public flight this afternoon.

As covered earlier, Halo 2’s test build will include Spartan customization, a challenge system, the theater and six campaign missions, including Cairo Station, Metropolis, The Oracle, Delta Halo, Quarantine Zone, and Gravemind.

Multiplayer content will also be included, including various playlists and multiplayer maps. A list of included multiplayer options has been included below:

  • Social Games: 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8.
  • Competitive: H2C Team Hardcore.
  • Halo 2 Multiplayer: Lockout, Midship, Beaver Creek, Burial Mounds, Coagulation, Headlong, Waterworks, Containment, Sanctuary, and Turf.
  • Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer: Lockdown, Zenith, Stonetown, Bloodline, and Shrine.

The PC version of Halo 2 will pack a range of game settings and options that can be used for public testing:

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  • Settings – Controls: Configure Mouse & Keyboard and Configure Gamepad
  • Settings – Video: Field-Of-View, Vehicle Field-Of-View, Gamma, Window Mode, Aspect Ratio, Resolution Scale, V-Sync, HUD Anchoring, Unified Medal Display, Framerate Limit, and Graphics Quality.
  • Settings – Audio: Game Volume including Menu Music Volume, Game Music Volume, Effects Volume, Voice Chat Volume. Also, Voice Chat Channel, Push to Talk Voice Chat, and Multiplayer Game Sounds.
  • Settings – Gameplay: Crosshair Position, Show Invite Notifications, Enemy Player Name Color, Multiplayer Game Timer, and Credits.
  • Settings – Network: Network and Relays.
  • Settings Accessibility: Subtitles, Change Language, Convert Text-To-Speech, and Convert Speech-To-Text

Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary are part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to PC. Both Halo Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved are already available for PC.

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