GTA Vice City Online Web Domain Renewed by Take-Two, Hinting at a Return to Florida

Nathan Birch
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The Grand Theft Auto franchise has visited a number of different locales and time periods over the years, but the sleazy 80s faux-Miami of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City remains one of the most memorable. Well, it seems there’s a chance we’ll be heading back to the land of pastel suits and shoulder pads, because a Reddit user discovered Take-Two Interactive recently updated the web domains and Hmmmm!

Now, companies often squat on certain web domains just in case they might need them in the future, but is rather specific, and the fact that it was renewed this year might be meaningful. So, how excited should we get about this? Well, many are speculating that Grand Theft Auto 6 may head back to Vice City and with it’s own full online mode. They could pull a Resident Evil VILLage and stylize the game as GTA VIce City! That said, perhaps this is just pointing toward new content for GTA Online – Rockstar has promised to deliver the game’s biggest update yet, which will include a whole new area, this holiday season. Could this big, huge update be Vice City themed? Of course, as I said, there’s also a chance these web domains don’t mean a damn thing, so it’s up to you to decide where to set your hype level.

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Don’t expect any official confirmation that GTA 6 takes place in Vice City any time terribly soon. GTA 6 has been described as “early in development” or “halfway done” by various insiders, and likely won’t arrive for at least a couple more years. In the meantime, Rockstar is working on a next-gen console version of GTA V, which will arrive on Xbox Series X and PS5 in the latter half of 2021. A standalone version of GTA Online is also in the works.

What do you think? Interested in a possible return to Vice City?

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