‘GTA V PC’ Pre-Order Listing Gets Pulled After a Few Hours – Take Two Interactive Legal Crackdown Suspected

I hadn't bothered covering the pre-order listing for "GTA V PC" that appeared on Amazon France and Germany because listings have been appearing on various retailers for quite some time now. But then something happened which made it very interesting. The listing on Amazon France vanished just after a few hours. Note that it usually takes a few days for them to go down. This is exactly the response time one can expect for Take Two Interactive's legal team to respond. Infact they have been extremely trigger happy lately shooting down just about anything they could find including legit Youtube videos claiming them to be a scam for the same.

"GTA V PC" Listing Pulled a Precious Few Hours After it Went Online - Hints towards Take Two Interactive's Legal Team

Interestingly the Pre-Order list over at Amazon Germany seems to still be up (At the time of writing) and I am waiting for the same fate to befall it. Amazon has been very loose lipped not only about "GTA V PC" but upcoming Next Gen games in general. We have seen them leaking Pre Order lists and we have even seen their employees (as high up as managers) leaking release dates for the same. Here is what the pulled Amazon France web page looks like now:

Amazon France Pulls Pre Order List Due to Take Two Interactive LegalTranslation: The IP address you entered in your browser does not match any active page of our website.

Of course the position they enjoy as an e-Commerce giant makes them immune to any Legal action but the act of pulling Pre-Order suggests two things. The first and most obvious one is that someone from Rockstar or Take Two Interactive's legal department approached them and told them to pull the list. The other option is that the postage of the Pre-Order was just a clumsy mistake. Although that wouldn't explain why the Pre-Order listing for "GTA V PC" went up simultaneously for two sites (France and Germany).

The Hype for "GTA V PC" has been at an all time high lately, with the leak of game builds and bug logs as well as alleged leaked videos of footage of the same. I will update the article if the German page goes down too, as usual everything so far points towards R* making an announcement (but when will it com?). And as always PC Gamers should be extra cautious during releases of big games, seeing there have already been instances of "GTA V PC" Malware Scams.

GTA V for PC Still Available on Amazon GermanyA Screen Shot of Amazon Germany

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