GTA V PC could be DX 11 Only – Guess What? More Code!

So here i was going (once again) through the PS3 Build Code and i noticed something strange. We already know GTA V PC will have a DX 11 Mode, but a DX 11 mode normally means that it can have DX 9 as well as DX 10, the latter not so much. The problem is i didn't find any single instance of a DX 9/10 reference anywhere in the code, even after going through it all a couple of times.

GTA V PC will be DX 11 Only? - No instance of DX9 or DX10 in Build Code Found.

We can find a massive amount of information pertaining to the DX 11 Mode of the game, which is surprising (and a little suspicious) considering this is a PS3 Build, its almost as if Rockstar wanted us to find the same. However i could not one reference of DX 9 or DX 10 in the Build Code of the PS3 Version of GTA V.

Before we jump the bandwagon there are three possible Logical conclusions we can draw:

  • GTA V PC will only have a DX 11 Mode, No DX 9 and No DX 10 Mode (Hmmm....)
  • DX 9 and DX 10 Related Pipelines Did Not Cause a Single Bug in the PS3 Build (Unlikely)
  • The DX9 and DX10 have been deliberately removed AND/OR are not found in the PS3 Build Code (Quite Likely)

I have highlighted some portions of the Build Code below:

•868907 - [PB][PC] Crash - When accessing "last gen" mode the game crashes. - rage::grcTextureFactoryDX11::LockRenderTarget Phone camera uses 3rd person mode due to a workaround for it being broken otherwise - 864649
•861626 – [PT] MP Freemode [release]- Game is stuck at a black screen after creating a freemoder character and entering the tutorials

•614622 - [LB][PT][LDS][DX11] Blooms too much on smog weather setting.
•Loading asserts - 637030
•632447 - [PC] All the phones are very dark and hard to read
•603855: [PT] Graphical corruption of LODs and vehicles (both SP and MP)

•685283 - [PT] Crash inside grass plant renderer on DX11 only
•606286 – Issues with Jerry Can gas trail not always igniting.
•671756  - Issues with savegame queuing.

Needless to say, a GTA V PC game restricted to DX11 will have far reaching effects. On the bright side it could help move the Industry to a DX 11 standard. Not only that it could well be that as we already know GTA V will employ 64 Bi memory addressing and possibly 2k textures, the DX 11 is another piece of the pie. On the other hand it could alienate some of Rockstars loyal followers.

Think i Missed Something in the Code? Take a crack at it yourself over here.


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