‘GTA V’ for PC Announcement Imminent, Rockstar Dropping Hints and all the Evidence so Far

Usman Pirzada

We have been closely following information regarding GTA V for PC and have even on occasions been the original source to break the news, therefore the time has come once again when we think we have amassed enough information to comment.

Rockstar Dropping heavy hints of an upcoming "GTA V" PC announcement - Take a look at all the Evidence so Far.

Up till recently Rockstar had been completely tight lipped about "GTA V" on PC. R* did not answer any queries and refused to even acknowledge the fact that a decision about GTA V PC might be in the works. Now however they have suddenly started replying to everyone with the following message "Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire ". This is not a confirmation but its a major improvement over their no-comment motto so far. It also means that (most probably) there is an announcement coming.

rockstar support tweetOf course our bet is that it will be a pro "GTA V" PC announcement, but there is always the chance that Rockstar finally decides to not go ahead with that. However we are fairly sure that a Next Gen Port on the other hand is 100% assured. From here the logical argument arises.

IF There is a Next Gen Port Coming, and SEEING that Next Gen and PC's architecture is infinitely more similar than Current Gen, GOING with the assumption that Rockstar exists to make money, THEN there will be a "GTA V" PC. Further EXPOUNDING it would mean that Next Gen and PC versions already exist. Argument Detailed Here.

The only thing that might screw it  is an exclusivity agreement to Next Gen, but we consider it highly unlikely.

All the Evidence So Far.

  • The evidence against a "GTA V" PC Version is quite huge. Lets begin with the fact that retailers have already listed the PC version for release in March 2014.
  • Then there is the fact that for quite some time almost every AMD Catalyst Update contains the GTA V.EXE Executable in its binary.
  • Couple this with the fact that text dumps of console versions reveal surprising wealth of code that can be analyzed. We were able to find interesting facts that a PC Version would have DX 11 Support , Bloom, 2k Textures and even hints that GTA V might be DX 11 Only (Hmmm... Unlikely? ).
  • People have also claimed that money changed hands and that this is the reason a PC Port will be delayed into Mid 2014. However that a port is definitely incoming.

GTA V console versions leaked out before release on torrent sites, but the PC Version wont do so till after release. Unless an actual leak takes place inside Rockstar. However while we stay silent on the issue of piracy, we would urge everyone to exercise caution in case of a leak. You really dont want to be part of this lot.


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