Amazon Worker States ‘GTA V PC’ Release Date As February 2014

The last we had news regarding the release date of ''GTA V PC'' was that of an early 2014 release and it seems that it might hold some truth after all. An employee in Amazon has actually stated the time that they expect ''GTA V PC'' to be in stock.

''GTA V PC'' Release Date Slated as Some Time in February by an Amazon Emplolyee

An Amazon employee who chose to remain anonymous stated that "Unfortunately we do not have an exact date for it to be in stock as of yet. You may think of to contact Rockstar for further information,". He went on to say "We are expecting it next year by February, but no clear date is guaranteed for now,". Basically the content of the conversation was the question: 'When do you expect ''GTA V PC'' to be in stock?".

There had been even earlier reports that it would be coming in March 2014, but the Norweign dealer that actually listed the release date has pulled the same. Whether because it was a scam or due to pressure by R* we do not know.  R* has also been getting a bit more active in their replies to ''GTA V PC'' queries recently and we think its because they are getting ready to make a big reveal.

We also have the previously released record of an Amazon worker though this one came through a source we cannot verify. The source is German gaming site Spieletipps and this is what they quote, "Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima [...]. ............ according to our source, it will be released in the USA on 03/12 and here on 03/14."

We are not sure what to believe the more authentic February date or the more realistic March reveal ( i wont even mention the possibility of a no ''GTA V PC'')

Previous Rumor Roundup

  • The evidence against a "GTA V" PC Version is quite huge. Lets begin with the fact that retailers have already listed the PC version for release in March 2014.
  • Then there is the fact that for quite some time almost every AMD Catalyst Update contains the GTA V.EXE Executable in its binary.
  • Couple this with the fact that text dumps of console versions reveal surprising wealth of code that can be analyzed. We were able to find interesting facts that a PC Version would have DX 11 Support , Bloom, 2k Textures and even hints that GTA V might be DX 11 Only (Hmmm... Unlikely? ).
  • People have also claimed that money changed hands and that this is the reason a PC Port will be delayed into Mid 2014. However that a port is definitely incoming.


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