Google Pixel 4 Reportedly Doesn’t Work With Some Third-Party USB Cables

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Despite its many flaws, Google's Pixel 4 is still a well-rounded device. But, it appears that the Pixel series, in general, are doomed to fail. Over the years we've seen the series get plagued with all kinds of bugs.

Android Authority stumbled upon what could be the latest Pixel 4 bug. Apparently, the device doesn't play nice with a lot of third-party USB cables. USB-C to USB-C cables seem to work fine; USB-C to USB-A cables are the problematic ones.

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The author even tried switching things up with Quick Charge ports, USB C 1.2 power banks, and even standard USB ports on a PC/Laptop refused to work.  To make things weirder, cable from Huawei and Honor flat out refused to work, while the one from OnePlus did. Interestingly, previous-generation Pixels such as the Pixel 3 and 3a seem to have worked fine with the same cables.

Even third-party USB C adaptors don't work with the Google Pixel 4

The post further goes on to state that the Pixel 4 doesn't seem to work with a lot of third-party USB-C to 3.5mm adaptors either. While it worked with the one that came with the Pixel 3, the same didn't hold true for adaptors manufactured by OnePlus.

Furthermore, even third-party USB-C to HDMI adaptors suffers from a similar fate. The problem here is compounded by the fact that Google doesn't make USB-C to HDMI adaptors, so there's no way to get one working on a Pixel 4. It's not like Android 10 has official support for a desktop mode either.

Is this a bug or a feature?

Prima facie, this looks like a stereotypical Pixel bug. However, on deeper introspection, it is rather the opposite. Unlike a certain fruit-based company, others don't do a particularly good job of shutting down third-party alternatives to their peripherals.

Bad charging cables, batteries, and accessories, in particular, have been responsible for a lot of smartphone batteries overheating, and at times, exploding. The Pixel line has had enough bad press as it is, and the last thing Google needs is a story about exploding Pixels.

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