Google Pixel Bug Leaves Text Floating on Screen


It is rather hard being a Pixel owner at times. You get bragging rights when it comes to camera prowess and timely software upgrades, but that's about it. Time and again, we've seen Pixels get afflicted with all kinds of bugs, several of which have remained unresolved for months.

Some of them are limited to a certain Pixel model and are the result of a hardware defect. Others are the consequence of software updates that don't play nice with existing apps. Yesterday, a Reddit user reported a weird bug with their Pixel 2 XL. A string of text gets stuck on the screen and persists, even after switching apps. Take a look at it below:

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If you look closely, you'll see that the letter 'a' is stuck to the center of the screen and persists across apps. Although it is subtle and not really much of a disturbance, it is still not intended behavior and needs to be fixed. The Reddit users further added that rebooting the device only makes the problem go away for a week or two, after which it manifests itself again.

Popular YouTuber LinusTechTips also encountered the bug during his Pixel 4 review. Yet another user in the same thread stated that they encountered the same problem on their Pixel 3 XL. It appears to be the result of some Android 10 function going haywire as it is the only common thread that connects these users.

Not a lot of people appear to be afflicted by this bug. Some users speculate that it is the result of an accessibility setting that somehow keeps the text on screen longer than it should. A factory reset should fix the problem, ideally. One shouldn't have to resort to a factory reset to fix such cosmetic blemishes, though.

News Source: 9to5google