Google Pixel 4 Costs More Than an iPhone 11 Pro Max for Alleged Demo Units


A tremendous amount of information is already known about the upcoming Google Pixel and Pixel 4 XL. In fact, the search giant has itself confirmed some of the features of the phone, which is a tactic we haven’t seen before. As if that was not enough, an auction site has now put up the forthcoming fourth generation phone for sale. The listing also mentions the Pixel 4 price and you’ll definitely be hit with a minor shock once you read the details.

Pixel 4 Price Listed As $1,200 By A Malaysian Website, Phone Is Actually Expected To Cost Much Less

The Malaysian website Shopee is selling the used Pixel 4 XL in the option ‘Clearly White’. What the seller most likely means by ‘used’ is a prototype or demo unit. We can expect that the phone is running pre-release software and according to 9to5Google, some people have even bought these units and reviewed them on YouTube.

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The seller has listed the Pixel 4 price as RM 4,999 which converts into $1,200 if you account for the shipping costs as well. The maxed out variant of Pixel 3 carried a price tag of $899 and it’s unlikely that Google will increase the price by $300 this year. After all, the success of the Pixel 3 series is believed to have been hampered by the high introductory price and thus Google is unlikely to actually increase the price this year.

In fact, it actually sounds like a better idea for Google to reduce the Pixel 4 price, as this strategy seems to be working well for Apple, who has reduced the price of the iPhone XR successor by $50. The website is selling the phone in a styrofoam case and a seemingly official 18W charger, 3.5mm dongle, and a couple of other accessories have also been bundled. The seller also claims that the phone supports 40W fast charging but we’ll have to confirm this during the official unveiling happening later this month.

Although the phone being sold is a demo unit, which doesn’t even sound legal, the seller says it comes with a full warranty. Needless to say, Google is not going to honor the warranty of a counterfeit unit if something unfortunate happens to it down the road. Both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are expected to be announced on October 15 and we urge you to wait instead of considering the prototype unit.

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News Source: 9to5Google