Google Fit Now Available on iOS; Works in Sync With Apple Health

Google's fitness solution—Google Fit—received a complete rehaul earlier last year. The app received a lot of new features and aimed at incentivising users to consistently meet their fitness goals. The goals were based on data acquired from the American Heart Association. Google Fit is arguably one of the better health monitoring apps out there for a lot of reasons. Today, the app is making its way to iOS devices.

What sets Google Fit apart from its competitors is the concept of Heart Points and Move Minutes that are incorporated into the app. One can earn heart points by engaging in a variety of activities ranging from a light jog to a full-fledged sprint. The more intense the workout, the more heart points you get. Heart Points are aimed at capturing activities such as a “brisk walk that’s over 100 steps per minute.” More intense workouts get you points/minute. One can check both metrics in the form of rings around your profile image in the Home tab. The app also lists step count, calories, and miles underneath, with more detailed daily graphs below.

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Google Fit is also capable of recognizing a wide variety of workouts including Yoga and guided breathing. The app sets goals based on your height and weight, and actively encourages users to push the boundaries after a time period. Google Fit is also capable of pulling step and distance information from Apple Health to calculate Move Minutes and Heart Points. This includes data collected by your iPhone or paired Apple Watch. The app will pull stats directly from connected Wear OS devices when available.

If you're on iOS, do give Google Fit a try. Heart Points and Move Minutes are much better at determining the nature of your workout compared to just a step count. You can download Google Fit on the App Store today.

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