Google Fit Gets Dark Theme and Detailed Sleep Logging on Android and iOS

Anil Ganti

Google Fit got a major rehaul last year that got some much-needed features to the fitness tracking app. The company partnered up with the American Heart Association to quantify physical activity through Heart Points and Move Minutes. The app received an important update today that lets users log their sleep. And it gets Dark Mode too. According to Google's blog post:

You can now track your sleep patterns alongside all the other activities you do throughout the day. Connect your favorite sleep app to Google Fit and you’ll see charts that show you your sleep patterns over time. You’ll also be able to add, edit or access your sleep history through the journal.

Sleep tracking comes via a new sleep chart, which shows when you started and woke up. It will appear in the “Main” tab alongside step count, heart rate, and weight. Tapping shows your slumber on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The tab also shows you a daily list of your bedtime routines and duration.

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The Google Fit app for iOS—released earlier this year—gets some new features too. The app can now include a map of your workout, something that Android users could do from the start. To get started, you need to grant the app Apple Health permissions. Once that's done, your route from an Apple Watch, connected app, will appear alongside your stats summary.

Google Fit will even let you connect your favourite third-party fitness tracking app to look at these charts, or manually add them through the Journal tab. Lastly, Google Fit’s dark theme is now rolling out en-masse and can be enabled from the app settings. These features are rolling out over the next week and should be available to users on both platforms.

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