Samsung Reveals Sleep Sensor That Can Control Your Home And Help You Sleep Better


A sleep monitor called SleepSense has been publicly announced by Samsung, which works in its own unique way. All you need to do is place it beneath your mattress to get accurate statistics about your sleep patterns that it gets by detecting vibrations. These vibrations are detected using piezo sensors and are linked with a smartphone application.


You Don’t Need To Stay Awake The Whole Day Anymore

The user doesn’t need to wear it on their wrist to know about their sleeping pattern. Samsung promised that this ping-pong paddle-shaped device will measure the heart rate, respiration, and movement of a user. They also claim that the measured heart rate and respiration rates will be up to 97 percent accurate. The report is generated every morning to know how perfect the sleep was and it can be compared later on with the sleep pattern on different days, weeks and months just by connecting the SleepSense through low-energy Bluetooth to the smartphone of the user.

According to Samsung this device is a "mysterious frontier that allows us to rejuvenate."

In the generation of new technology this device looks like a table tennis bat which is used to measure in depth data related to heart rate and respiratory rate which is not based on motion only and then quantifies the data accordingly. It starts its calculation right from measuring total sleep time, the time it took to fall asleep, sleeping efficiency, how many times you woke up, how many times you got out of bed etc.


It helps improving the quality of your sleep as well; because the SleepSense can connect to other devices through which sensors can work in order to work better e.g. it can switch off the television, dim the lights or can turn on the radio when you wake up in the morning. This is all part of Samsung's push for the Internet of Things (IoT). This concept is really amazing and will lead to an automated household eventually.

You don’t need to take any sort of advice from doctors because now you have your very own sleep consultant which is there to guide you on how to improve your sleeping patterns. A good night's sleep is really important for better health and also for the brain as studies have shown. The smart alarm in this device helps you wake up slowly by monitoring which is the best time for you to get up and it will eventually make you feel fresh throughout the day.