Google Earth is Finally Receiving its Dedicated Dark Mode


Over the past couple of months, the dark mode has become a quintessential feature for almost every Android app. This is seen as a great move because there was a time when the only way to make your apps darker was through rooting, but now this feature is a basic part of Android 10, and apps are catching up. The latest app to receive the dark mode treatment happens to Google Earth, which has finally gotten its dedicated mode, which is definitely something many people have wanted for some time now.

Despite Google making this feature a native for Android 10 and onwards, the company has not been the fastest when introducing it to all of their apps, but hey, at least we are getting there. Today, the company has officially announced that Google Earth now has a dark mode. The option is not only accessible through mobile but also the desktop. So, if you want to see how it looks, head over to, and you can have the darker screen elements.

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Google Earth Finally Gets the Much Awaited Dark Mode on Both Desktop and Mobile

Speaking to the official Google Earth Help page, this is what Google had to say,

Hello everyone!

Google Earth is happy to announce two new features that will add more functionality and usability to the web and mobile offerings through a better understanding of your locational accuracy and the ability to switch between light and dark modes.

For those who are using Google Earth on mobile, you can enable the feature by heading over to Settings > General > Dark theme. You even have an option that will let Google Earth follow the theme on your phone, which means that if your dark mode is scheduled, and the app will follow that.

If you are still using the app on desktop or mobile, you now have this option. So, you can enjoy the virtual traversing of the planet in dark mode, and if you have a phone that uses an OLED screen, it will look gorgeous.