Enable Voice Call Feature On Whatsapp On Android Lollipop And Older

Ali Salman

Among many IM applications out there, only a few of them offer the Voice Calling feature over the internet. Whatsapp is an idol when it comes to internet messaging, however it hasn't opted to roll out the call feature in its app. It seems disappointing to know that applications like Viber have already offered it and Whatsapp seems to lag behind. Even though the Whatsapp team announced that they're working on the Call feature, no one know when the update will be coming It most probably makes sense to crave the feature present in other applications. Well, today is your lucky day because we're here to tell you a tweak to enable it on your android. To activate the feature on your iOS device, read our related tutorial here.

With all thanks to 'Tosunkaya', who happens to be an xda developer, a guideline is available on the forum board that would enabling the call feature on Whatsapp. There are many methods to enable the feature but you must have your android device rooted to accomplish the task. If you're all set and rooted, it only takes some minutes before you finally have the Voice Call feature in your Whatsapp application.

How To Enable Voice Call Feature In Whatsapp - How To

Step 1:

It is advised to use a Root Browser or a similar application because we're going to mess with the codes of this app. When you have downloaded the Root Browser from the Play Store, go to  data/data/com.whatsapp

Step 2:

Once you're inside the  data/data/com.whatsapp folder, look for the shared_prefs and find the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml. Next what you must do is tap and hold to open this folder as a text file.

Step 3:

Here, first you must choose the text editor according to you personal preferences like the Root Browser's Built In Solution. Navigate and find the opening tag in the initial portion of the code. Then find the last end of the string and place the following code as shown in the image below. Do make sure to put it before the tag closing.

Save file by tapping the little floppy disk icon in the editor of the Root Browser.

Step 4:

The next thing that you need to do is force stop whatsapp and reset it. This is not a difficult task,  just open the file manager of your device, navigate to the app and tap force stop as shown.

Step 5:

This is it folks, it wasn't that hard. Open your Whatsapp again and a new Call icon/tab will appear along with an interface refresh.

Step 6:

Users who have older android versions just need to alter the command  little through the terminal emulator application. The code is provided:

su am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

Images Courtesy: phonearena.com

Note: For this call feature to be fully functional and working, you'll require an assistance from someone who has it activated and then call you. 'Tosunkaya' is taking in requests for it and if you really must have this feature activated, you can request in the original thread here. When you receive the call, all thats left or you to do is accept the calls and wait for two minutes then hang up.

That's all for now folks, let us know in he comments if you have this feature activated. For more on news, reviews and how-to's, do stay alert. CIAO!

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