Google Babble Cross Platform Messaging Service To Be Announced At I/O


Google I/O conference is only a couple of months away. Rumors are already pouring in as to what we can expect from the internet search giant at its annual conference. A new rumor suggests that Google Babble is a new cross platform messaging service that the company is developing, and is going to officially announce it at the I/O.

Google Babble

Google currently offers a host of messaging services, these include but are not limited to Google Voice, GTalk and Hangouts. While a multitude of services exist, they're not exactly coherent. There's no unified experience that Google is offering in the communication department. We know that the company has recently been unifying a lot of its products and Google Babble is reportedly one such effort.

The basic purpose of Google Babble is to bring together all of these different products under one moniker. It will be cross platform and will be available for other mobile platforms as well. This way Google can directly compete with market leading services such as BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage and FaceTime. Users will be able to initiate Hangouts straight from their contact lists, while their chat windows will sync across all platforms, hence offering a more coherent user experience.

While Google Babble's existence can not be confirmed, what we do know is that Google will be officially announcing Android 5.0 update at I/O. The next major Android update is expected to bring a handful of new features and UI improvements. As far as Google Babble is concerned, it makes perfect sense for Google to do this. Not only will it unify all of their services, it will also provide an amazing user experience.