Ghost Recon Breakpoint Immersive Mode Detailed; Due on March 24th


Ubisoft detailed the Ghost Recon Breakpoint immersive mode, also called 'Ghost Experience'. First of all, it's now due on March 24th, having been delayed from its original end of February date.

Essentially, you'll get the chance to either go with the regular Ghost Recon Breakpoint experience (with gear score and tiered loot), opt for the immersive mode (with no gear score or tiered loot and extra tactical options), or just customized a myriad of parameters to your liking.

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You’ll be able to choose from a variety of community-requested settings:

  • No Gear Level: Customize and keep the same weapon throughout your whole adventure. Quality tiers and item levels are disabled.
  • Realistic Looting: Loot your enemies’ weapon category and switch them realistically. Gear is found from missions, rewards, and crates.
  • Primary Weapon Quantity: Choose to carry 1 or 2 primary weapons. This was pre-released with TU 1.1.0, but will be fully realized with the Ghost Experience.
  • Ammo Loss on Reload: Remaining ammunition is lost when you change magazines.
  • Stamina Level: Adjust how much stamina you consume.
  • Bandage Quantity: Limit the number of bandages your Ghost can carry.
  • Risk of Injury: Choose the frequency of the injured status when wounded by enemy bullets.
  • Health Regen: Choose to limit, remove or increase your health regeneration.
  • New HUD Settings: Fine-tune your preferred HUD with new settings:
    • Mini-Map Minimal: Smaller map with less information on it.
    • Loot Notification Minimal: Smaller loot notification.
    • 3D Loot Minimal: Smaller 3D loot drop.
  • Private Mode: Encounter only story characters and your direct co-op teammates in Erewhon.
  • Access to Maria’s Shop: Keep access to Maria’s Shop in bivouacs or limit it to Erewhon only.

Custom settings for the immersive mode can be changed at any time, and you'll be able to play in co-op with friends regardless of the settings they have chosen, which will be player-specific. The raid and Ghost War will still use gear level, though.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched in October 2019 to underwhelming sales, which led Ubisoft to delay all of its lineup in order to make sure each game had unique standout features. However, the developers are still trying to improve Breakpoint through fan feedback.