Galaxy Z Fold 3 Will Have a Thicker UTG, an AES Digitizer and an S-Pen


There is no denying that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already an impressive device and foldable are slowly becoming the future. We already know that Samsung is going to be releasing the Galaxy Z Fold 3 sometime next year, and it is also important to know that there are reports that are already coming out pertaining to the device and how it is going to be.

There is a new report that suggests that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to bring some significant changes to the Fold family which might end up revolutionizing the foldable market even further.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 3 Will Use a Thicker Glass So it Can Support the S-Pen with Ease

For those who are wondering, the report suggests that Samsung is looking into using AES (Active Electrostatic Solution) digitizer technology on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which will effectively allow the company to bring the S-Pen to the Fold 3. However, that is not all that Samsung is planning on doing. The report continues and talks about how Samsung is also planning on making the UTG a bit thicker so it can easily withstand the tip of the S-Pen without scratching and potentially breaking.

This is not the first time we are hearing about how Samsung has plans for bringing the S-Pen to the Fold series as rumours started flying earlier too, but due to the technical limitations, the Fold 2 had to launch without an S-Pen.

Now, it is important to know that the Galaxy Note series uses EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) digitizer for the S-Pen that ships with the Galaxy Note devices, however, it is also important to know that EMR is very rigid to be put into a foldable device.

As far as both technologies are concerned, both have their pros and cons, with the AES generally offering better performance overall at the expense of production costs, as well. However, the best part is that the AES might be able to fully utilize the foldable design that Samsung is pushing forward.

Being a long-time Samsung user and someone who loves the Galaxy Z Fold 2, I am really hoping the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is everything that we have hoped for and more.