Galaxy S8 Might Not Suffer From Explosive Batteries But Its Display Has Started to Give Off a Red Tint


Update: Samsung has started rolling out updates for the T-Mobile variants of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The update comprises of a 138MB patch, which will remove the red tint issue once and for all (image of the update given below).

Samsung had really outdone itself when it came to smartphone battery safety and in addition to that, it made a gorgeous flagship in the process. The display of the Galaxy S8 has been rated as the best in the industry right now, but even the best of the best are just a short defect away from completely ruining the user’s viewing experience. While the company might not be getting heat for battery trouble, the latest controversy revolving the Galaxy S8 is that its display gives off a red tint.

Multiple Customers Who Pre-Ordered the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Have Reported Excessive Red Tints on Their Display – Samsung Says It Is Not a Quality Issue

Popular tech community websites such as Ppomppu and Ruliweb has several complaints posted by customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. According to them as well as the images given below, there is a red tint that completely dismantles the viewing experience for them. However, Samsung does not seem to be phased by this because the company’s spokesman told local media that the red tint issue is not associated with the quality of the display.

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Instead, customers can simply go into the settings and change the calibration of the display that’s suited to their visual comfort. However, here is where the problem lies; customers allegedly stated that after they went into service centers to hopefully solve the problem, they were told to change the phones. It has not been reported if customers actually changed their devices or if they were given a free replacement for their troubles.

Samsung itself was not available for a comment but it looks like we will have to update you guys on whether the issue can be addressed by going into the settings and performing the fix.

While explosive batteries were definitely a huge problem, this conundrum does not belong in the kiddie pool either.

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