Galaxy S8 Tipped to Feature Ultra-Fast Internal Memory and More RAM Than Your Entry-Level Notebook


With 6GB RAM smartphones widely available to the public, it looks like the year 2017 is going to be the period where we will see 8GB RAM devices become a more common sight. According to the latest rumor, it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 could be the first ever Android device to tout this much RAM and in addition, it could also feature internal memory running at a much faster pace.

Galaxy S8 Rumored to Feature Internal Memory Running at the UFS 2.1 Standard

While rumors are rumors, 8GB of RAM modules expected to be present in future devices are currently being mass produced by Samsung and SK Hynix. SK Hynix is producing a slower spec’d RAM chip so the upcoming flagship is definitely going to feature the better version belonging to Samsung. With the device expected to be announced during the month of April, it should not compromise on any aspect.

The UFS 2.1 storage will grant Samsung’s flagship unprecedented read and write speeds from the internal storage. With 4K video recording getting more and more mainstream, you will need faster memory to keep up with those speeds. While the internals sound thoroughly impressive, what about the exterior part of the smartphone? It is expected that the Galaxy S8 will sport a larger screen-to-body ratio, with the physical home button expected to be removed completely, and the fingerprint reader either placed at the rear side of the smartphone or embedded beneath the display.

According to more details, Samsung has told suppliers to start making parts for the 5-inch and 6-inch screen sizes, but things might take a turn later on. All of the previous reports suggest that the Galaxy S8 will be shipped out in the 5.7 and 6.2-inch screen variants, so we’re not sure what to confirm right now.

You should take the aforementioned information with a pinch of salt, because there are a number of conflicting rumors coming in, especially one claiming that Samsung will refrain from adding 8GB of RAM, most likely because it will end up chewing a lot of battery life, despite the fact that it would be manufactured on the new and improved 10nm architecture.

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