Galaxy S8 to Get a Security Sensor Much Faster Than Ultrasonic Fingerprint Recognition

Galaxy S8 faster fingerprint reader

Galaxy S8 isn’t just going to be fast when you talk about raw speed, but Samsung is intending on implementing a new security feature that’s going to be much faster than ultrasonic fingerprint recognition.

Galaxy S8 Could Be the First Smartphone to Feature Optical Fingerprint Recognition

First off, you need to understand the approach that Samsung has taken with its previous flagship phones. Their fingerprint sensors have been embedded beneath the home button, which will mean that a portion of the screen will not be covered thanks to this little implementation. However, with the upcoming Galaxy S8, things are going to be a lot different because instead of placing the fingerprint sensor underneath the home button, the optical fingerprint sensor can be placed directly beneath the display, and the screen could cover the top and bottom of the phone, if the manufacturer sees it like that.

Since optical fingerprint sensors have not been seen anywhere in smartphones before, it can be assumed that Galaxy S8 will be the first phone to sport the new security feature. In addition, it is going to be faster than the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and a major breakthrough will be if Samsung is able to integrate Samsung Pay into this optical fingerprint sensor. This should instantaneously speed up the locking and unlocking part of the smartphone, and if this didn’t improve your impressions of the smartphone, perhaps the next bit will.

Galaxy S8 has been rumored to sport the fastest GPU in smartphones, named the ARM Mali-G71. The Mali-G71 is already present in Kirin 960, and it will effortlessly be able to render 4K content thanks to the new and improved Bifrost architecture. This also means that the upcoming smartphone is going to be Daydream ready, and according to previous rumors, Samsung is going to be introducing a total of two Galaxy S8 models. The 5.5-inch model will be rocking a 4K display, but it’s just that battery technology hasn’t evolved to the point where such devices will be able to provide us with days’ worth of battery life.

Hopefully, Samsung introduces an adaptive display tech that allows us to get more mileage out of our smartphones. What is your take on the optical fingerprint recognition system for Galaxy S8? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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