Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ Have Surpassed the One Million Pre-Order Record

1 million preorders

Customers have displayed a very high demand for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, with the latest report detailing that both their combined units have surpassed the one million pre-order mark.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Have Gathered Five Times the Number of Pre-Orders as Opposed to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge for the Same Time Period

In comparison to last year’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, both of these phones accumulated just 200,000 combined pre-orders while the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 managed to accumulate 400,000 pre-orders during the same time span.

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It should be noted that the latest pre-order statistics courtesy of Yonhap have been detailed for just South Korea so the actual number for the entire globe will be even higher. It goes without saying that Samsung also gave its home turf some preferential treatment as upgraded models of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ that featured 6GB RAM and 128GB of native storage were also sold. Placing a pre-order for the Galaxy S8+ would definitely set the customer back by quite a bit of funds, but Samsung was going to make up for that by throwing in a free DeX Station worth $149.99.

According to industry watchers, around 70-80 percent of these pre-orders will be converted into actual sales, so, for now, we could be looking at 700,000-800,000 units sold in this region alone. Previous detailed reports have claimed that Samsung initially expects around 40 million combined units to be sold, but that figure could rise to 43-60 million units. However, it has not been reported how many months it will take Samsung to reach that figure, but our gut tells us that it will achieve that number until the end of 2017.

Both devices will officially launch in other countries starting from April 21. Users can opt to purchase a DeX Station and transform their workspace completely, but as stated before, it will cost you $149.99.

Are you impressed so far with the pre-order numbers that Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have been able to garner? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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