A Galaxy S21 Ultra Was Used to Shoot This Underwater National Geographic Video

A Galaxy S21 Ultra Was Used to Shoot This Underwater National Geographic Video

A remarkable feat of smartphones in 2021 is how far they have come in their image and video capturing prowess. Such is the case with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was the first handset from Samsung to support 8K video recording at 24FPS, along with other perks. The flagship is now used to complete its biggest challenge to date; capturing underwater footage of marine wildlife.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra Was Still Used in a Protective Casing, as the Atmospheric Pressure Would Likely Have Destroyed Its Innards

National Geographic teamed up with Samsung to capture stunning footage of marine wildlife. Of course, an expert traveler of underwater adventures accompanied the team and used nothing but a Galaxy S21 Ultra to capture several videos. In the video below, you can see the flagship’s features being flexed to shoot the clips, such as 8K video and low-light image capture.

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Since 8K video is an immensely high resolution, Samsung also gives users the option to capture 33MP still images while they are recording at 8K 24FPS. For extra protection, the Galaxy S21 Ultra was placed inside a protective case. Being IP rated means that you can submerge the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but tests have been conducted in freshwater.

Capturing marine wildlife is a different ballgame and environment, so capturing video without the protective casing would destroy the flagship’s innards thanks to the high atmospheric pressure. You might also be wondering that using a protective case would have diminished the video quality capturing by the Galaxy S21 Ultra as the plastic exterior would have caused life refraction.

Fortunately, in this case, you can see that Samsung’s flagship touts some impressive videography chops, which only means that its successor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, will be even better. With the upcoming series, Samsung is rumored to be testing 8K video support at 60FPS, but the company is apparently experiencing overheating issues, which is no surprise.

Hopefully, the company can address multiple issues before it unveils the new models early next year. Until then, enjoy this amazing underwater footage from National Geographic and Samsung, and let us know down in the comments on what you think.

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