Galaxy S21+ Leaks in Unofficial Hands-On Video, Confirms the Design

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S21+ Leaks in Unofficial Hands-On Video, Confirms the Design

It seems that the leaks surrounding the Galaxy S21 series won't stop. We were only talking about the S-Pen model number for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and now someone has leaked an entire video showing off the Galaxy S21+ in action. Yes, the device looks exactly as we have seen in the renders, only this time around, it is a real-life video. It seems like someone has already gotten their hands on the device early, and honestly, it looks great.

Galaxy S21+ Shows Up in a Leaked Hands-On Video, Device Model and Design Confirmed

The video was posted by a YouTube user called Random Stuff 2, who posted the device heavily wrapped in tape to hide the obvious labels. Still, the video does end up showing everything we need to see about the device. You can check the video below.

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The most interesting takeaway? Well, the Galaxy S21+ seems to have a flat-screen, but the bezels are so thin, it almost looks curved. The model is SM-G996U, which means that this is an unlocked variant; the name Lahaina shows up, which is a codename for Snapdragon 888.

On the back, we see a triple camera setup with a very, very small camera bump, I like this design as opposed to one on the previous generation of the Galaxy S devices, and this device seems to be covered in some material; therefore, telling the color is not possible here.

The user also rains Geekbench 5, and the Galaxy S21+ scored 1,115 points in single-core and 3,326 points in multi-core tests. Needless to say, an impressive result, but you can expect better performance once the final version of the phone is out.

Needless to say, seeing this leak has hyped me up even more. I am a long-term Samsung user, so I definitely am looking forward to what Samsung has to bring to the table with the Galaxy S21 series, and I will definitely get my hands on one as soon as it comes out.

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