Galaxy Note 9 Will Shoot Videos at 960fps for Twice As Long As the Galaxy S9


Super slow motion recording is one of the smartphone cameras features nobody needs, but is nice to have regardless. We saw it make its debut with the Sony Xperia XZ2 and other manufacturers followed suit shortly after. The Samsung Galaxy S9 was the first Samsung flagship to ship with 960fps video recording capabilities. However, you can record only about 0.2 seconds worth of footage in 960fps. Today, Samsung posted a Tweet stating that the Galaxy Note 9 can record in 960fps for 0.4 seconds.

The Galaxy Note9, for all practical purposes, is an incremental upgrade over the Galaxy S9+, at best. At this point, we know a decent bit about the Note 9, and the specs aren't mind-blowing. Here's what we know about the Galaxy Note 9 so far.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 Needs To Work On A Lot More Than Simply Allowing It To Shoot Video At 960 fps For 0.4 Seconds

The Galaxy Note 9 will feature a 6.2-inch super AMOLED panel with a QHD resolution, powered by an Exynos 9810/Snapdragon 845 SoC and 6GB of RAM. The camera will be 12+12-megapixels on the rear and an 8-megapixel shooter on the front. The battery is also said to be 4,00mAh with support for Quick Charge 4.0. Like all previous Galaxy Note devices, it'll come with an S-Pen, which will be Bluetooth-enabled. We might even get to see Bixby 2.0 (and Fortnite for Android) alongside the Galaxy Note 9.

While the Galaxy S9 can record in 960fps, actually doing it is a bit of a pain. The automatic detection mode often misses the correct moment, forcing you to start over again. The Manual mode requires lightning-fast reflexes, as even a millisecond delay in pressing the record button will ruin your shot. Hopefully, the Note 9 addresses these issues and makes the experience a less of an ordeal. We'll know for sure after August 9th, when the phablet will launch. Sources also believe that at least Europe will have the device in its hands by the 13th, so there isn't much time left.