Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leaks in a Full Hands-On Video, Confirming Key Specs and Features

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been the subject of some pretty high profile leaks. Samsung Russia accidentally leaked the device on its website, followed by real-world pictures, and even the S-Pen of the phone got leaked.

What we have today trumps everything as we are now presenting you with a full-length video showcasing the device in real, along with the key features, and how it looks. You are going to want to see this.

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Appears in a Full-Length Video, Physical and Software Features Highlighted

Now, the leak is coming from Jimmy is Promo and this is the third time he has leaked something pertaining to the Note 20 Ultra. First, we saw the live photos, then we saw the S-Pen being used as a pointer, and now a full video. We will not take more time, you can check the video below.

Looking at the video, we can tell much about the device. For starters, this is the SM-N986U variant, the same one that passed through FCC recently. Moving on, the device is running Android 10 on One UI 2.5. The S-Pen and the speaker location have been moved as well but the S-Pen remains the same as the one that comes with the Galaxy Note 10 as they can be interchanged as seen in the video. The video also shows the massive, massive camera bump that has gotten us concerned since aside from looking unsightly, it does raise some concerns regarding structural integrity. You can also see how the S-Pen can now be used as a pointer in the same video. The bottom and the top of the device remain completely flat.

Now, all of this should not come as a surprise to anyone. We know how the device looks now, and it is only a matter of month before Samsung finally takes the curtains off at the Galaxy Unpacked that is being held on 5th August.

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