Galaxy Note 20 Will Not Have the Controversial Space Zoom Camera

Galaxy Note 20
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Galaxy Note 20 should be revealed in the third quarter of this year and a lot of speculations are being made about the device. After all, it is going to be the no compromises version of the Galaxy S20 series. However, based on the series of recent leaks, it seems like Samsung is making some compromises. Or some could even say that Samsung has learned from their past mistakes and are now fixing them.

The 100X Space Zoom Camera Will Seemingly be Missing from the Galaxy Note 20

The latest information that we have our hands on is coming from Ice Universe. This is not the first time they have leaked something about Samsung or any other phone, for the matter. When it comes to leaks, they are pretty prominent and on point, as well. Therefore, as far as credibility is concerned, it certainly is there.

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The information talks that the Galaxy Note 20 series is not going to have the 100x zoom feature that first debuted in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Now, this might surprise some, but to be honest, the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched with a slew of camera issues, and while some of them could be fixed through software. The same could not be said about all of them. That, and the fact this feature was nothing more than a gimmick as many people did not even bother it. Granted, the idea was really good, the execution was not and more importantly, there was barely any application.

This is not the first time we have gotten our hands on some leaks regarding the Galaxy Note 20 series. Over the past couple of weeks, we have talked about everything ranging from cameras, refresh rate, as well as RAM of the upcoming device. Not to mention, we have talked about how the devices might be launching with 16GB RAM.

Do you think Samsung is doing the right thing by removing the 100x Space Zoom or do you think the camera still has some interesting applications? Let us know your thoughts.

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