Galaxy Fold Display Replacements to Cost Only $149 for the First Time

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The Galaxy Fold will soon be available to users in the US at select locations for a reasonable price of $2,000. Samsung is throwing in an enhanced protection plan for Galaxy Fold owners that gets users a dedicated concierge and the likes. It still doesn't change the fact that the Galaxy Fold is a delicate device, and even a few dust particles can wreak havoc. That might explain why Samsung put out a laundry list of things to avoid while using your Galaxy Fold. Here's a small list of them:

  • Do not press the screen with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or fingernail.
  • Do not place any objects, such as cards, coins, or keys, on the screen.
  • This device is not water or dust resistant. Do not expose to liquids or small particles.
  • Do not attach any adhesives such as films or stickers to the main screen or remove the top protective layer.
  • Keep a safe distance between your device and objects that may be affected by magnets such as credit cards and implantable medical devices. If you have an implantable medical device, consult your physician before use.

Don't worry, though. Samsung just announced that the first screen replacement for the Galaxy Fold would cost only $149. It appears to be a part of Samsung's Galaxy Fold Premiere Service that every Fold owner gets. Along with the usual perks detailed here, one also gets a one-time out of warranty screen replacement for $149 during the first year of ownership. It is only applicable before December 31st, 2019. $149 seems fairly reasonable considering that its the world's first foldable tablet and all. Samsung is yet to reveal the full price of the screen which I'd estimate to be at around the $5-600 mark, at least.

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Credit where it's due, I'm glad that Samsung is undertaking the initiative. However, the fact that they're offering a screen replacement at such a throwaway price doesn't inspire any confidence in the product in the slightest. Ideally, one should be fine if they stick to the guidelines dictated by Samsung to the tee, but accidents happen.

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