Free Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Now Available on PC/PS4/XO


EA and Bioware have announced that a free Mass Effect Andromeda trial is now available on all platforms.

The free trial for the latest Mass Effect installment was announced via the game’s official Twitter account today. “Fight for a new home in a dangerous galaxy. The Mass Effect: Andromeda Trial is now available on all platforms!”, the Tweet reads.

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Mass Effect Andromeda was released back in March of this year, but reception has been somewhat disappointing. Since the game became available through EA’s early-access program, players have been complaining about severely lacking characters animations. Some 'fans' of the series even went as far to threaten a former Bioware animator on the game. Bioware later released a patch to fix some of the complaints, but animations still aren’t on par with recent games.

Development on the game began in 2012, following the release of Mass Effect 3. Bioware officially announced the title during E3 2015.

Mass Effect: Andromeda gives players the chance to be the Pathfinder, charting a course in a dangerous new galaxy in search of a new home. Meet and recruit all-new and interesting characters in an epic space saga, and pit your team against terrifying enemies and creatures singularly-focused on your destruction. Utilize verticality and boosted jumps to even the playing field, as well as destructible cover and brand-new weapons and Biotics to make combat more thrilling than ever. Utilize the most flexible progression system ever in the Mass Effect franchise to build the Pathfinder exactly how you want, focused on the abilities and skills that will make you virtually unstoppable.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.