Mass Effect Andromeda Free 10 Hour Trial Announced For EA Access and Origin


Save humanity, a week early. EA and Bioware announced today via Twitter that EA and Origin Access subscribers will be able to play Mass Effect Andromeda a week early on Xbox One and PC.

Starting March 16th, subscribers will be able to play Bioware's epic sci-fi adventure, Mass Effect Andromeda, for 10 hours prior to the game's March 21st release.

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Mass Effect Andromeda takes place right after the events of Mass Effect 2 before the Reaper Invasion. You play Ryder, a Pathfinder tasked with finding a new home for humanity inside the Helius cluster in the Andromeda galaxy. You and your crew will need to encounter new species of aliens and get into all sorts of space trouble.

Of course, your progress will be transferred over from the trial to the full game once it's released.

Unfortunately for PS4 users, EA and Origin Access is only available on Xbox One and PC. There is hope for a multiplayer beta test coming before the game launch but we haven't heard any word from Bioware or EA.

EA Origin Access costs $4.99 per month and gives players access to a digital library of popular EA titles and a 10% discount all digital goods. Most importantly it gives subscribers free timed trials for new titles.

Earlier today, we learned a bit about the game's graphical options from the Andromeda Lead Designer which touched about the resolution scaling range and even Mass Effects weapons crafting system.

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Mass Effect Andromeda takes on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC March 21st in North America and March 23rd in Europe.