EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Campaign Mode Is Gated

Mar 7, 2017

EA’s upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda early access trial will have no restrictions for the game’s multiplayer mode, but the single player mode will be gated.

That’s what the game’s producer, Fernando Melo, confirmed on Twitter earlier.

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The single player mode will be “gated”  and early-access players won’t be able to progress after a certain point. According to the producer, players will be able to keep exploring after they have reached the “gated”  part on the planet, which took Melo around 6 hours to reach.

This restriction doesn’t apply to the game’s multiplayer mode, which will be fully playable, just like the recent Early Access for Battlefield.

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As with all EA early access titles, the trial has a 10 hour time limited.  Mass Effect Andromeda launches on 21st March for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The EA/Origin Access trial for PC and Xbox One kicks off on March 16.