Mass Effect Andromeda Finally Got Enhanced for Xbox One X, First Screenshots Out; Game Now Discounted

Mass Effect Andromeda, the last entry in the sci-fi IP created by BioWare, just got enhanced for the Xbox One X console. There has been no official announcement yet, but the Microsoft Store and the official Xbox One X enhanced list both mention it now and several users have already received the Update (1.68GB in size). The 4K/Ultra HD tag isn't there, suggesting that the game does not reach native 4K resolution.

For reference, Mass Effect Andromeda runs at 1800p resolution through checkerboard rendering on PlayStation 4 Pro hardware. If we had to bet, we'd guess that Andromeda can run at native 1800p resolution on Xbox One X with no need for checkerboard rendering.

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Official details on the enhancements will likely come in a few hours since today is N7 Day, the yearly celebration date for all Mass Effect fans.

Below you can take a look at six screenshots grabbed from the Xbox One X enhanced version, shared via Twitter by Xbudz.


Unsurprisingly, Mass Effect Andromeda also just got discounted on Xbox One. The Standard Recruit Edition is now priced $12 (60% off), while the Deluxe Recruit Edition is now priced $16 (also 60% off from the original price).

Andromeda is widely considered to be the lesser Mass Effect game when it comes to quality; following its release, the franchise has been put on hiatus (though Electronic Arts stated there's no reason to eventually go back to it). That said, at a discounted price it can still be a fun action RPG experience for sci-fi fans. Here's what Francesco had to say when he reviewed the game last year:

Mass Effect Andromeda could have been one of the best RPGs ever, but sadly the game never realizes its full potential. While the gameplay experience and RPG mechanics are mostly well done, with the best combat system of the entire series, the predictable story, uninteresting characters, and generally mediocre writing make the Pathfinder's quest to find a new home for humanity not as memorable as it could have been.

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