Foldable iPhone With 8-inch Display, Silver Nanowire Touch Solution, Expected to Arrive in 2023

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Foldable iPhone With 8-inch Display, Silver Nanowire Touch Solution, Expected to Arrive in 2023

More information surrounding the foldable iPhone launch comes from a renowned analyst claiming that the handset will adopt a touch technology that supports multiple folds. However, potential buyers might have to wait a considerable time because this device is not expected until 2023.

Apple Already Uses Silver Nanowire for the Touch Interface of the HomePod - Using It for the Foldable iPhone Could Reduce Production Costs

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2023, and it will sport an 8-inch QHD+ flexible OLED screen. According to the TF International Securities analyst, Samsung’s display arm will exclusively provide Apple with foldable screens, while the Korean giant’s foundry business will deliver specific drivers. Previously, Kuo commented on the same 8-inch display, but like last time, he failed to mention if the upcoming smartphone will get stylus support.

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He does predict that the foldable iPhone is expected to take advantage of a silver nanowire touch interface, as Apple is already using it in the HomePod. This will lead to the technology giant commanding a lower production cost, increasing its margins in the process. However, this might not be the only foldable prototype that Apple is working on.

Apparently, there are two models, with both prototypes having passed the internal tests for durability. Instead of a hinge to separate the two displays as Microsoft has done with its Surface Duo, Apple could use a Ceramic Shield glass that’s chemically treated, most likely to handle a significant level of tolerance when it’s folded and unfolded multiple times.

Kuo also mentions that the foldable iPhone’s 2023 launch timeline will depend on certain factors, such as Apple solving technological and mass production issues. He also states that the development of this particular handset has not kicked off, which was something highlighted by another report as Apple seemingly wants to prioritize profitability. However, MacRumors reports that Apple may have started development without Kuo knowing about certain details, so the analyst may change his stance in the coming months.

Assuming Apple launches its first foldable iPhone in 2023, would you buy it? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: MacRumors

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