Apple’s Foldable iPhone Could Feature up to an 8-inch Display; With a Launch Happening Some Time in 2023


Despite Apple reportedly undecided on the foldable iPhone launch, a renowned analyst predicts that it is slated to arrive some time in 2023, assuming everything goes according to plan. He also provides info surrounding the display, and when unfolded, the upcoming iPhone might feature an 8-inch screen.

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Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities believes that the foldable iPhone would tout a display in the range of 7.5-8 inches diagonally. Kuo doesn’t mention if this model will have stylus support, but a separate report commented on the feature arriving for the foldable handset, with the launch year remaining the same, 2023. One reason why Apple could be taking its sweet time with the foldable iPhone launch is because the key components needed to make one unit are extremely costly.

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This would explain that even Samsung’s non-flagship foldable devices are generally expensive. At the same time, a flagship like a Galaxy Z Fold 2 costs $1,999, which is the price of a premium notebook or a large display TV. Kuo mentions that the product is currently in its research stages, indicating that Apple has not yet decided to commence proper development. Its development could happen much later if the technology giant believes there is a suitable market for this kind of a phone.

Samsung and LG are reportedly Apple’s suppliers for the foldable iPhone’s display, but once again, there is no concrete information surrounding its potential release. In terms of design, the foldable iPhone could tout a clamshell form factor, similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, with the display rumored to be chemically treated to withstand additional wear and tear.

Tipster Jon Prosser claims that the foldable iPhone will be cheaper than its competitors, likely because Apple would have resolved components and supply chain issues, but he has not mentioned a price tag that consumers might have to pay. Like always, we recommend treating all this information, as well as the predictions from Kuo, with a pinch of salt, and we will be back with more updates for our readers in the future, so stay tuned.

News Source: Macrumors