Facing Issues With Google Play Store? Here’s A Guide Full of Possible Fixes


Google Play Store is one of the most important apps on our smartphone because it is the source to install more apps. But, there are times when the powerhouse stops working, and we are left with no way to install an app, which is why we have come up with a guide to help you in fixing Google Play Store. Well, these are some tips that generally work to repair the app.

Before going ahead with all the methods to make Play Store work on your phone again, you must make sure that the problem you are facing is a user-end problem and not a server-side issue. It means that you should check whether it's an issue with Google. To check it, you can trun to service like downdetector that will show you if other Play Store users are reporting about the same issue. If there are many complaints like yours, then it is a server-side issue and Google gotta fix it and you can't really do anything about it. If you don't see many complaints like yours then there are chances that you can fix it on your own by following the tips and tricks given below.

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Scroll down to learn tricks to fix the Play Store. Let's start!

1. Try to force close the Play Store

Google Play Store

Many times, on Android, the best way to fix an app is by force closing it. You can do it by swiping the app on the multitasking app on your phone. Or you can just go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > tap on "Force Stop". After doing this, open the app again and see if its problem has been fixed. If this doesn't work then it is time to jump on to the next solution.

2. How about restarting your phone?

Many times, the best way to cure an app is to restart your phone. It's like we do with our laptops or computers when they counter some problem. Try it out, there could be a chance that you haven't restarted your phone for a long time and it just needs a break to run the Play Store again.

3. Switch on the Airplane Mode/Toggle WiFi

Google Play Store

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We don't know how it works, but we have seen many people swearing by it Google product forums about this solution. So, just bring down your notification panel and turn on the Airplane Mode and then turn it off after a minute. After that, check Play Store and see if it has miraculously fixed the issue. If it fails to fix the Play Store then you can try the similar technique with WiFi, there are chances that your device is facing some connection issue. You can also switch off and on your router to see if it fixes the problem.

4. Clear Google Play Store cache from app settings

Google Play Store

Cache is good when it helps in reducing data usage by storing data locally, but it is a dual edged sword as it piles up and makes apps misbehave. This could be a probable reason behind Play Store not working on your Android device. To clear the cache, go to Settings > Apps > Google Play > Storage > Clear Cache.

5. Check disabled apps on your phone/Date & Time Settings

There are certain apps on Android that need another app to keep functioning smoothly. This brings us to the next trick that might help you in fixing the Play Store app. You've got to check if you have disabled any app on your phone recently that could have caused the issue with the Play Store. To check, just to go to Settings > Apps > All and go through the list, if you find any disabled app then just enable it. After that, check if Play Store has started working again after enabling some apps.

If the above given solution doesn't help then you should also check if date and time is right on your phone. Make sure you have selected automatic syncing for date and time on your phone.

6. Get rid of Proxy or VPN settings

Many VPN/Proxy users can be seen complaining about issues on their device on forums. So, if you have been using VPN/Proxy, then it is time remove these settings. You'll find Proxy settings under WiFi, and you can go to them by long pressing on your router name and then selecting "Advanced". For VPN settings, you can find them in "More" section under Wireless & Networks on your phone.

7. Uninstall Play Store (kind of)

If every trick given above fails to cure the Play Store app on your phone, then you are left with no other method than to uninstall updates. It is a system app so you can't delete it but you can uninstall updates that will take your app to the older version. It is a safe bet so you can restore it to the current version anytime. To do it, just head to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > "Uninstall Updates" or "Disable". If this step also fails to fix the Play Store app on your phone then maybe the real issue could be with the Google Play Services.

Google Play Store

8. Remove or reset your Google account

Not sure how this one works but there have been many who claim that this step has resolved their issue with the Play Store. Just head to Settings > Accounts > Select your Google account and then tap on the menu (three dots) and tap on the "Remove" option. After that, add your Google account again and check if Play Store has started working again.

9. Extreme Cure: Factory Reset your phone

If all the tips and tricks have failed you, then this calls for an ultimate (err extreme) cure. Maybe factory resetting your device is the only cure as it deletes everything on the device and starts afresh. With this, you will find the Play Store working again. However, before going ahead with this step, make sure to backup your device. You can check out our guide on how to factory reset a phone.


We hope that you get help from these tricks and successfully fix the Play Store on your phone. Let us know if you know of more tips and tricks. Share your views in the comment section below.