Factory Reset Android – How to Erase Your Android Phone Before Selling It

factory reset

Selling your old phone is a good way to make quick cash. When you get your new Nexus 5,Samsung Galaxy Note 3 this holiday season naturally you would want to sell your old phone and hop onto the new one. With privacy at it's lowest, u would want to erase your phone before selling it.

Normally you would just sell it off by taking our your SIM and microSD card, that is not the safest way. If you know how to factory reset your Android smartphone then you are quite safe.

Factory Resetting An Android

Get into settings

First step is to locate your settings. You may do this by looking for the "Settings" icon. Normally u can locate this in the app drawer. Or if you press the menu button in the home-screen or inside the app drawer you will find the settings icon. You can also find it in the pull down bar where you view your notifications.

Factory reset - Backup & reset

Scroll downwards in settings till u get to the Personal section. In AOSP ROMs and in most Samsung phones this is called "Personal". Click "Backup & Reset".

Backup Data

Here you can backup some data on Google's servers. Data such as Wi-Fi passwords and settings can be stored on Google's servers to be retrieved later.

Factory reset

Click on "Factory data reset", the next page will show you the accounts which you are currently logged into. To Factory Reset your phone, confirm via clicking the "Reset Phone" button. Your phone will now be Factory Reset and when it reboots, it will prompt you to enter the details when you turn on a brand new phone. Also make sure the phone has at least 30% battery to ensure it doesn't run out during the process.

Another way to factory reset is to boot into your recovery. This can be done by powering down your phone and pressing buttons in one of these combinations:

  • Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Volume Down + Power
  • Home + Power

Move up and down here via the volume up and down keys. U will see an option of factory reset. Choose it by pressing your power button. Viola, your phone is back to it's day 1 condition.

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