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Rafia Shaikh

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop has just been with us for a few weeks and interwebs are already full of battery drain complaints. Battery issues are perhaps one of the most annoying problems as our latest smartphones aren't really good at lasting for longer anyway. Add in these software bugs and you are left with a device that hardly even makes to a few hours, let along a full day.

- How to Fix Battery Drain in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Considering this, we are compiling this list of Android 5.1.1 battery fixes that you could try on your devices to get at least some relief. We are sure that by mixing one or two of these tips, you will see that your device lasts a little longer. In any case, you can always downgrade at the end of the day - no? Don't forget to share with us what tips worked for you and of course, your own tried and tested tips to help other readers.

Restart your device:

You must be thinking what's she talking about! But well, restarting fixes a lot of problems in a matter of seconds. Try it and try it often. Turn off your Android device completely to help it get rid of all that heavy cache. Restarting can solve a long list of regular issues that we confront with our gadgets so make it a habit to restart your devices often.

See if some apps are being finicky with Android 5.1.1 battery:

If restarting doesn't fix Android 5.1.1 battery issues, you might want to consider checking out which of the apps that you are using on your Android phone are creating the problem. Often times, battery issues don't arise because of your OS version but because how a particular app starts behaving roughly after an update. It's always good to keep a check on what's not working properly so you can reinstall those apps. From your Android 5.1.1 device Settings, you can take a look at your applications and notice if there are any abnormalities in their usage patterns. If so, uninstall the problematic app(s) and reinstall back to see if Android 5.1.1 battery problems are fixed.

In case you can't really point a finger at which app is causing issues, you can also boot your Android device into Safe Mode to check. To boot Galaxy into Safe Mode:

  • Power off your phone.
  • Press & hold power and volume down key.
  • When it boots up, let go of the power key keeping the volume down key pressed.
  • You will notice a Safe Mode text when you are in the mode.

Fix Android 5.1.1 battery with default software options:

All the latest devices come with software features supporting power saving modes. Samsung's ultra power saving mode is already quite popular in users because it really works! From Settings go to System Battery and you will spot two default battery saving options: Power saving and Ultra power saving modes.

These default features don't affect your normal usage as they simply restrict background refresh and limit battery usage by slowing down processor. Yes, screen brightness would be a notch down but you will find a major boost in your battery's life. You can use the second, Ultra power saving mode during those critical times when you need to save every drop of the juice to make it run just a little longer.

Turn off communications and other unnecessary services:

This is of course not a fix but will help you save those last drops of battery when in need. Go to Settings and turn off connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, or even cellular data? Okay, don't kill me but I am only recommending you to try it when in dire needs of saving battery.

Disable location services:

Much like the above, location services also take a little of battery so keep these settings off too. You should always be careful about privacy issues that location option creates for you so it's good in any way. When an app or maps need location permission to perform their functions, go to Settings and enable them.

Battery charge cycle:

It is recommended to let your device go through at least one charge cycle a month: i.e. charging the battery to 100% and then completely using it down to around 5%. Power cycling this way helps in getting accurate battery usage data and is good for your battery maintenance too.

Use a black wallpaper:

Live wallpapers are never good for your smartphone's battery life so stop using them if you want your battery to last longer. Choose a black wallpaper on your AMOLED display smartphones to save battery. Samsung's devices don't come with a default black paper but you can easily create one or find it online. On a Galaxy S6, go to Settings > Personal > Wallpaper > From Gallery, choose a black wallpaper. Thanks to how Samsung's AMOLED screen consumes power, you will notice some difference in battery life after switching to a black paper.

Make Android 5.1.1 battery run longer by disabling notifications:

Receiving notifications for every single app is not only annoying but also eats up resources of both data, battery and the processing speed. Make efficient use of notifications and disable them for apps you don't need notifications for.

Replace stock launchers:

Some launchers in the Google Play Store are popular for their skills of saving battery. Try Nova launcher instead of the default options to make your battery stick with you a little more.

Factory reset (sigh!):

As always, it comes down to this! If absolutely nothing else works, factory reset your Android 5.1.1 powered device to fix the issues. You can find reset options in your device's Settings menu.


You can also consider downgrading your software if Android 5.1.1 battery is really not working with you. Downgrading is not an easy process but would get you out of the mess that your smartphone is throwing at you. Also, consider extra battery for the devices that let you replace it or battery juice packs for those which don't.

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