Best Android 5.1.1 Custom ROM for Nexus 4 – How to

EuphoriaOS is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for the Android devices. It's also one of the first few to jump on the Android Lollipop and has thus fixed many bugs in the process until now. It's a very stable and smooth ROM giving an experience that is super close to AOSP. While Nexus 4 has itself already received official Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, if you are looking for a custom firmware option, this is definitely the one.

EuphoriaOS Android 5.1.1 is close to the look and feel of what Android 5.1.1 factory image brings to your Nexus 4. Bug free and fast, here is how to flash this favorite Android 5.1.1 custom ROM for Nexus 4. Don't forget to check our extensive list of readers' favorite Lollipop custom ROMs.

Best Android 5.1.1 Custom ROM for Nexus 4:

As always, before we get to the actual steps, there are a few prerequisites that you need to take care of.

  • Create a backup of your data for when you run into some problem during the process.
  • Make sure that your Nexus 4 has at least 80% of battery life.
  • Your device should be rooted using the most recent recovery system installed.
  • Its bootloader should be unlocked.
  • Make sure to enable USB Debugging on your Nexus 4.
  • Verify the model number of your Nexus before proceeding.

Required files: download EuphoriaOS Android 5.1.1 custom ROM for Nexus 4. Also download Gapps from here

Step 1:

Connect your Nexus 4 to your PC using USB cable and copy the downloaded files to the internal storage of your device. Power off your device and unplug from computer.

Step 2:

Boot your Nexus 4 to Custom Recovery mode: press and hold Power, Volume Up and Volume Down button. Release them when you see the Bootloader or Fastboot menu. You will see the Start button on the screen, use Volume Up and Down until it changes to Recovery Mode. Press Power button to enter Recovery.

Step 3:

Select Backup and Restore to perform Nandroid Backup and then go back to main menu. Next you must wipe data by selecting wipe data/factory reset. Also, wipe cache partition to perform cache wipe. Finally, Delvik Cache should also be wiped from Advanced > Wipe Delvik Cache.

Step 4:

Now, select Install Zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard from the main recovery menu. Locate the EuphoriaOS Android 5.1.1 custom ROM for Nexus 4. Select and confirm.

Step 5:

When the EuphoriaOS custom ROM is flashed, use the same method to install GApps. After you are done, select reboot system now to perform a normal boot. It will take some time to load all files as this is the first boot after flashing.

And ta da! Enjoy the very popular and very fast EuphoriaOS Android 5.1.1 custom ROM for Nexus 4.

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