Fix Nexus 6 Battery, Heating and Performance Issues – Android Tips

Nexus users have often reported how their smartphone gets hot at times with performance lags happening too. Not only heat and performance lags but many users have also reported decreased battery life. If you are a disappointed Nexus 6 user, worry not as we have a simple solution to all your woes.

Fix Nexus 6 battery issues:

If you own q Nexus 6 and are over the initial infatuation with that beautiful Quad HD screen, you are probably now looking for ways to fix Nexus 6 battery and heat problems. The screen with its massive 2560 x 1440 resolution takes a definite lot of battery juice and processor power to run. This not only creates lags but readers have also reported severe heating issues. An easier fix to these issues is to lower the resolution on your Nexus device. Here is how.

Steps to fix Nexus 6 battery and heat issue:

Here are the few simple steps that you can follow to fix Nexus 6 battery woes:

  • Download and install ADB and USB drivers.
  • On your Nexus, go to SettingsDeveloper options > enable USB debugging. Note: If you don't see Developer options, go to About phone > tap on build number few times.
  • Now connect your Nexus to PC using a USB cable.
  • On your computer start command prompt: Type CMD in Search and press Enter.
  •  Now type these commands:
    • adb shell wm size 720x1280 - press Enter
    • adb shell wm density 280 && adb reboot - press Enter

These simple commands will lower your Nexus 6's screen resolution. Of course, it won't appear as sharp as before but would solve the annoying battery and heat issues. If you don't appreciate lower resolution, you can easily go back to the original with these commands:

  • adb shell wm size 1440x2560
  • adb shell wm density 560 && adb reboot

These tips are sourced from Reddit, where readers have commented that the tip fixes the issues. The fix has been tested on Nexus 6 running Android M Developer Preview, according to the redditor. Let us know if you feel the smooth performance coming back to your Nexus 6 after this. Battery life would definitely be improved too after this quick fix.

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