Halo Reach PC Audio, Stuttering, Input Issues Under Investigation by 343i

Halo Reach

Halo Reach launched to great success, as covered in yesterday's report. Its launch numbers were high and Steam user reviews are very positive on average, too.

That said, the game does come with a fair share of issues on PC ranging from audio to stuttering, from input to menu performance. Developer 343 Industries posted a list of these known issues as well as the current plans to fix them (if possible).

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Audio Issues: Players have reported various issues regarding game audio not sounding as expected (muffled, inconsistent volume, low quality, etc.). This is a known issue present at launch and the team is working to resolve this. Unfortunately, it is not a quick fix and is one that will require quite a bit of work and time to resolve. The team is already working on it and will share an update when more progress and details are available.

Stuttering Issue: We are aware of reports where players are experiencing stuttering in game. We are investigating on our end and initially have found that some third-party software such as Corsair iCue, Logitech G-Hub, and Razer Synapse, may be a causing factor for in-game stuttering. We recommend disabling these programs to alleviate the issue.

If you are using the experimental Variable Frame Rate option, this could potentially be the cause. If you are experiencing stuttering while running this option, please visit the Halo Support site and create a ticket.

Menu Performance: We are aware of reports where players are experiencing performance drops in the menus outside of gameplay. We are investigating on our end but need more data points of this issue. If you are experiencing this problem, please visit the Halo Support site and create a ticket.

Screen-tearing / V-sync issues: The team is aware of issues around screen tearing and V-Sync not performing as expected for some users. As a reminder, if V-Sync is off, screen tearing will happen. In order to isolate this issue we would like users who are experiencing issues to please visit the Halo Support site and create a ticket.

Co-Op Latency: Co-op campaign play uses P2P networking and we’re aware that some players are reporting high latency and a poor experience when playing Campaign together. This is an area the team will continue to monitor but given the complexities of P2P networking and the underlying net code of Halo Reach, the extent to which this issue can be addressed is still TBD.

EAC Error Messages in Game: Some users have been reporting various EAC error messages appearing while playing. This includes a “UE4 Critical Error,” “You’ve been banned” and others around map files. If you are experiencing any of these, please visit the Halo Support site and create a ticket.

We are currently investigating the UE4 critical errors and believe we have resolved the ban message appearing. If you are receiving the UE4 Critical Error, please make sure you are on the latest version of Windows. Error messages appearing for map files require you to resolve them as the local files have changed around these. In order to resolve these, we recommend you use the “Verify Files” options on Steam and to re-install the game on the Microsoft Store.

Key bindings: We’re aware that many players would like to be able to bind actions to more than one key. This is on the team’s to-do list and something they hope to get to in a post-launch update.

Mouse Input: We have been hearing from some users that mouse input feels delayed. In order to isolate this issue we would like users who are experiencing issues to please visit the Halo Support site and create a ticket.

Idle Stops Matchmaking Search: This feature is by-design and is done to prevent AKF/idle players from entering matchmaking. We will continue to monitor feedback around this but have no changes planned to this feature at this time.

View Model:  We’re aware that when altering the default FOV the view model is larger and not scaling as players would like. We are aware of the community’s feedback regarding this and it has a longer lead time for the team to assess.

Can’t Crouch While Moving: The way crouching and moving works in Halo Reach is currently true to the way it worked in the original game on Xbox 360. However, we understand this doesn’t necessarily meet player expectations on PC. We are currently testing and prototyping potential alternative solutions to address the community’s feedback around the inability to crouch while moving using mouse & keyboard.

What was your experience so far with Halo Reach on PC? Let us know in the comments.

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