Before Upgrading To iOS 8 Clean Up Your Device As Well – Learn More Here

With iOS 8 having just been launched, many users will be quick to want to upgrade their device to Apple's latest offering. In the official over the air update log for the OS, the company is calling this update the biggest update since the launch of the App Store.

iOS 8 is also big in terms of file size as well. The download size for the software is above 900 mb, which should be a concern for some users if they've already stocked up their devices with data. However, sometimes extra storage is used in your Apple device for temporary files created by apps for different uses.

If these files end up being stored on your iOS device for too long, then it could cause unnecessary space clogging particularly if you have a 16 GB device. So to make this problem go away, we have an easy fix called called PhoneClean which clears up any unnecessary files on your device.

PhoneClean is a Windows application that can be used to with any Apple iOS device launched up till now. Believe it or not, this list also includes the iPhone 3GS as well. Once you have installed PhoneClean on your pc/desktop, you can use it to clear up space.

PhoneClean ends up deleting all unnecessary or temporary files on your iOS device which have accumulated over time since sometimes apps fail to remove them. The utility is very easy to use and you'll be done with it in 5 simple steps.

1) Start by downloading PhoneClean from here.

2) After you're done installing, start up the utility and connect your iOS device to the PC.

3) PhoneClean will then scan your device and provide you with the relevant information.

4) After all the information is available, click on the Start Scan button to check for temporary files. You will also see several other options related to files which you might like to check out.

5) Hit the clean button and voila! You've just gained storage on your iOS device.








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