Microsoft Finalizes Windows 10 with 10240 Build – Last RTM Milestone for Redmond!

Rafia Shaikh

The day has come! After several months of bug testing, some false alarms and quite a large number of PC preview builds, Microsoft has finally signed on the Windows 10 release to manufacturing build today.

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Windows 10 finalized!

Windows 10 is ready for a July 29 launch. Earlier some rumors suggested that manufacturers might not be ready to release personal computers on the same day pre-installed with Windows 10. However, many PC makers have confirmed that their machines will be ready for the day. Some two weeks ahead of the launch, today Microsoft has signed-on the release to manufacturing which will now be sent out to the partners. This will give the PC makers just enough time to test the OS and load it on their respective machines to be ready for a bug-free launch of their Windows 10 powered devices.

Microsoft is yet to officially announce this milestone, however, several sources including The Verge have confirmed that Microsoft has indeed finalized Windows 10. Windows 10 10240 is being said to be the final Windows 10 release to manufacturing (RTM) copy, which is now being seeded out to Fast ring members. We will share with you all the details of Windows 10 10240 with the changes and improvements that it brings.

Company is expected to work on the patches and fixes that it will release once Windows 10 is officially launched later this month. Expect to see a lot of regular updates coming your way as there would no more be RTM builds or any other such milestone. Insiders will keep getting the updates to test these out before they are released to the larger public.

Microsoft might announce reaching this milestone later this week or not but you will get in the final copy what you see in the 10240 build today. Like the new tiles or not, fan of the latest design ideology or not, this is what you will be getting when July 29 comes. Ready to welcome the new Windows acting as a service? We certainly are.

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