Final Fantasy XV Director Left Square Enix Due To Wanting To Go In His Own Direction


Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata recently announced his departure from Square Enix, which also caused the development of the game's previously announced DLC packs to cease. Today, the Japanese developer opened up on the split, revealing some new details on the matter.

Speaking during a recent end of year NicoNico stream, Hajime Tabata confirmed that he has left Square Enix to be able to go into his own direction without annoying anyone or the company. He also added that the split was amicable, and he left on good terms.

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Hajime Tabata also highlighted, however, how there is no relation between his departure and the cased development of the Final Fantasy XV DLC. Despite this, he apologizes to fan for not delivering what he promised.

During the stream, the Final Fantasy XV director also talked about his new studio, JP Games. As of now, he is thinking about several games to develop, but he cannot currently talk about any of them. No matter the titles, however, it seems like the studio titles will be available on multiple platforms, including smartphones.

Hajime Tabata also touched upon development, mentioning how he wants to change the way games are developed, at least for his studio. During the Final Fantasy XV development, he mentioned that it was difficult to scale-up, so he wants things to become more flexible, introducing cloud-based development and other methods that will ease development and avoid what happened with Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's final DLC, Episode Ardyn, will release sometime next year.