FFVII Remake & Kingdom Hearts III Dev Explains Why It Is Difficult To Give Precise Info To The Fans

Rajesh Vishwakarma

In a recent interview, Shinji Hashimoto, a game producer at Square-Enix, explained how and with what cadence the company is planning to spread new relevant information on FFVII Remake & Kingdom Hearts III.

In the course of a recent interview with a French Publication Khisland Info, the producer of Square-Enix, Shinji Hashimoto, has been able to talk about the expected FFVII Remake and explains what are the reasons for which so far not much information have been disclosed about its development.

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You must know that for each future titles (i.e. FFVII Remake, KH3 etc), there is an established development planning. So we must first consult it to check on the progress of the game, to be able to convey the most interesting and relevant information to the public. To give you an example, many events will take place this year. There is Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary event, Final Fantasy VII’s 20th Anniversary event as well as Kingdom Hearts’ 15th Anniversary event.

Knowing this, it is obvious that fans are expecting a lot and we wish to show more in order to celebrate all of these events. Regarding Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary, we have many events planned in Japan, Final Fantasy XV’s DLCs, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remaster and the new extension of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. We wish we could give as much information as possible but it is imperative that we have control on the calendar in order, so that we can reveal relevant information at the precise time.

In addition, Hashimoto also talked about the future games based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

This partnership is similar to the one we already have with Disney for Kingdom Hearts. Firstly, it is necessary to successfully launch and implement the new licence. If the latter is a success, then perhaps we will follow on. We will wait and see what it is going to do before we do anything else.

The release of Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently confirmed on PlayStation 4, but it currently does not have any launch window. Kingdom Hearts III, on the other hand, will arrive by 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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