First Exynos SoC With AMD GPU Could Arrive in Q2, 2021 at the Earliest, as Samsung Rumored to Change Release Timeline


During the unveiling of the Exynos 2100, Samsung announced that its partnership with AMD would lead to the release of a brand new silicon but didn’t share any release timeline info. A tipster, however, believes that Samsung’s first Exynos-branded SoC sporting a brand new GPU will go official during Q2, 2021, assuming everything goes according to plan.

Samsung Could Use AMD GPUs in Both Flagship and High-End Exynos Chipsets for a Later Release

The tipster Ice Universe is back with another update regarding the development of a Samsung Exynos chipset sporting an AMD GPU. It’s possible that the Korean giant was aware that its Exynos 2100 wouldn’t best the Snapdragon 888 in GPU performance, which is why it could have decided to release a new silicon much earlier. He claims that the unveiling might take in the second or third quarter of 2021, so we look forward to what Samsung has in store for us. However, why would the company decide to release its new silicon much earlier?

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If you forgot, a Galaxy S21 Ultra speed test was conducted earlier, with the same flagship sporting different chipsets. While the Exynos 2100 beats the Snapdragon 888 in CPU-only tests, it falters when the GPU is stressed. This shows Qualcomm still possesses an upper hand in GPU performance, but all that might change when the first Exynos SoC with an AMD graphics processor is announced. Also, Samsung isn’t just planning to use an AMD GPU in a flagship chipset. It might use it in the successor to the Exynos 1080, giving less expensive future smartphones an edge while gaming or GPU-related stress tests.

Previously, however, Ice Universe mentioned that Samsung would release an Exynos-AMD SoC in 2023, calling it the ‘Exynos 9925’, which we’re assuming is its model number rather than its actual name. It’s possible the tipster caught wind of the company’s plans and decided to share updated information with us. However, since Samsung confirms nothing, we advise you to treat this info with a pinch of salt for now, and we’ll be back with more updates.

News Source: Ice Universe