Exclusive iPhone 6s Benchmarks Show Unparalleled Performance From A Dual-Core CPU

Omar Sohail

Despite featuring a dual-core processor, Apple’s iPhone 6s is still a beast when it comes to performance and our exclusive benchmarking results have showcased that quite evidently.

Exclusive Benchmarks Of iPhone 6s – See All Of The Results Obtained Right Here 

After getting our hands on one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of 2015, the very first thing we did was see how it would fare in popular benchmarking applications like Geekbench and AnTuTu so naturally, we took it for a speed run and see what kind of our scores iPhone 6s would obtain. Just so you know, the scores are highly impressive, and despite the fact that the device sports a dual-core processor and 2GB of LPDRR4 RAM, it just shows the kind of numbers your smartphone can achieve when software optimization is at its peak.


The very first benchmark that we decided to test out our iPhone 6s was Geekbench. Given below are the results obtained by the smartphone.


The magic of software optimization strikes once again. Previously, one lucky iPhone 6s customer managed to get her smartphone delivered to her before the official release date and we are glad to see that our handset was able to obtain a much higher score than hers. The single-core score is absolutely dominating, to the extent that a powerful octa-core processor present in Exynos 7420 was not able to best a two-core CPU in Apple’s A9 SoC.

However, Samsung’s own developed chipset is able to get a slightly higher score in the multi-core test because of obvious reasons; having four times the number of cores as A9. Regardless, if you wanted to see the kind of performance a single core would bring to the table, just take a look at the dual-core processor present inside A9. Given below are the performance differences between our iPhone 6s and the remainder of Samsung’s flagship smartphone family.

Geekbench scoresiPhone 6s Galaxy Note 5Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Galaxy S6 Edge
Single-core test 2446146714321495
Multi-core test 4390478747325188


Another benchmarking application that is extremely popular on Android powered smartphones is AnTuTu. We decided to take our iPhones 6s for a test run and given below are the scores that we received.


It might not be the most convincing of scores but given the fact that our smartphone is only running a dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM while its rivals are running four times the number of cores and twice the amount of RAM, the score obtained is more than nerve chilling. We had reported the benchmarking score of Galaxy Note 5 earlier, and it was just shy of reaching the 70,000 point mark. All comparison scores of the aforementioned smartphones, including iPhone 6s, have been given below.

 iPhone 6sGalaxy Note 5Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Galaxy S6 Edge
AnTuTu benchmarking scores58,60269,70268,34564,474

If these scores were not sufficient enough to appease you, then what will definitely compel you to go ahead and purchase one is the fact that both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus survived a water test, where both devices were submerged in two separate bowls of water and came out unscathed, to the point that all of their ports were completely functional as well.

There you have it folks, we ran two of the most popular benchmarking applications to determine the performance of smartphones and ran it on our iPhone 6s. Do you guys think that these scores are impressive or not? Whatever your answer maybe, let us know your thoughts.

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