AnTuTu Reports That Galaxy Note 5 Scores Slightly Over 69,700 Points


With Galaxy Note 5 to be unveiled August 13, more leaks are definitely going to come through. On the aforementioned date, we will get a chance to marvel at the device developed by Samsung, but for now, let us focus on the latest benchmarking score leak. Popular benchmarking application for smartphones, AnTuTu has reported that Galaxy Note 5 was able to obtain a phenomenal score of 69,700 points. That’s not all; the scores of Samsung’s Galaxy Edge Plus were also revealed, but we will get to that later.

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Galaxy Note 5 Comes Close To 70,000 Points, While The Company’s Galaxy S6 Duo Manages To Pull Off 64,474 Points

According to the results posted on AnTuTu, Galaxy Note 5 was able to obtain a score of 69702 points in the taxing application. While Both Galaxy Note 5 and all models of Galaxy S6 feature the same chipset, (Exynos 7420), it is a matter of screen sizes, and amount of RAM that comes in to play. Starting off, both Note 5 and Galaxy S6 resonate a resolution of 1440p, but since Samsung’s upcoming large screen flagship offering is much larger in dimensions, it automatically reduces the pixel per inch density of the handset, leading to a higher score as compared to the one obtained by Galaxy S6.

Another reason Galaxy Note 5 is able to gain a comprehensive lead against its smaller screen sized cousin is because it features a whole gigabyte of RAM higher than Galaxy S6. That is reason enough as to why the handset was able to get a much higher score. As for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the smartphone was able to obtain a score 68,345 points. On this occasion, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus possesses the exact same specifications as Galaxy Note 5, except for being 0.2 inches shorter, and possessing a smaller capacity battery.

The difference in screen sizes automatically led to a difference of pixel per inch densities, which accounted for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus receiving a lesser score than Galaxy Note 5.

Given below is a difference of scores obtained by all three handsets:

  • Galaxy Note 5: 69,702 points
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: 68,345 points
  • Galaxy S6: 64474

Like always, we will have more updates for you in the coming days so stay tuned.