Evil Dead: The Game Adds Mia from the 2013 Movie and More in a New Update

Evil Dead The Game

By now, Evil Dead: The Game has plumbed most corners of the franchise, offering an update focused on Army of Darkness and more. One exception is the 2013 Evil Dead reboot. While the movie isn’t as beloved as the core Sam Raimi flicks, it’s pretty badass in its own right and accumulated its own dedicated fanbase.

Well, Evil Dead 2013 is getting some love, as Saber Interactive has released a new bundle featuring Mia and David from the movie. In addition to that, some free content, including the new Plaguebringer demon, weapons, and a single-player mission has also been made available. You can check out a trailer for the Evil Dead 2013 content, below.

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Here’s a bit more detail about the Evil Dead 2013 Bundle…

"A Machete weapon master able to become temporarily immune to possession, Mia’s unique power raises her damage as her fear increases – the more scared she is, the more damage she’ll deal. David, meanwhile, is a beacon of hope for the team, able to reduce fear and damage taken for himself and nearby allies as he dishes out the hurt. The DLC also includes an alternate Mia outfit and Mia ‘screamer’ image skin."

The Evil Dead 2013 Bundle is available for “free” as part of the Evil Dead: The Game Season Pass, which will set you back $40. You can also buy the Evil Dead 2013 Bundle a la carte for $10. You can check out the full patch notes for today’s Evil Dead: The Game update here.

Haven’t played Evil Dead: The Game yet? While I had some issues with it, I found there was plenty to like for hardcore Evil Dead fans in my full review

“Evil Dead: The Game does a solid job of carving out its own bloody, aggressive take on the asymmetric multiplayer formula, but some nagging gameplay issues, frustrating single-player content, and a failure to fully capture the series’ groovy attitude hold the game back. Hardcore Evil Dead fans should find plenty to like here, but with competitors like Dead by Daylight around, this game hasn’t really earned its ‘hail to the king’ moment.”

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Evil Dead: The Game is playable on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5. The Evil Dead 2013 Bundle and free update are out now.

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