Every Darts Location In Watch Dogs Legion and How to Find It


Because of the weather, and the mud, and the antisocial nature of the population, and the weather again, England has never been a bastion of sportsmanship. We might claim to have invented Football, but we are yet to master it. We pretend to enjoy running marathons in mud because we are stubby and petty. If we had to hold up a sport that truly encapsulates Britain, it would be Darts.

Understated, nuanced, and most often played by overweight middle-aged men with a beer in their hands, darts is truly the sport of England. And in Watch Dogs Legion, you can play it too. In fact, you can play it a lot! 19 times in fact.

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If you frequent the many pubs, bars, and taverns across central London you can find many, many chances to play Darts, and if you do it in all of them, you win an achievement. So for those of you looking to get the true London experience look no further. Watch Dogs Legion's map is extremely detailed, so you should be able to find all the dartboard by heading to each of the waypoints marked on the map below.

Darts Locations in Camden

North London is dominated by the borough of Camden. Home to the London punk scene, the region also has a couple of pubs, one of which has a dartboard.

Darts Location #1

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On Camden High Street, not far from the tube is the quiet little Earls Fortune. If you're looking to drink in every establishment as well, this is a great place to start, and you can see the other pubs you'll have to visit in our drinking guide here.

Darts Locations in Islington and Hackney

Moving eastward, we come to Islington and Hackney. It's not as big as Camden but has trice the number of dartboards to discover.

Darts Location #2

The Golden Rivet pub cab be found not far from a lovely park, where you can unwind from your wanton destruction with a game where you throw needles at the cork.

Darts Location #3

The World of Tomorrow sounds like the perfect pub for a DedSec Operative like yourself, but be careful, Clan Kelley are big fans of this drinking hole, and aren't exactly welcoming to anyone that comes in looking to play a game of darts.

Darts Location #4

FoodTown doesn't just have food, sitting as it does on the edge of Islington, the City of London and Tower Hamlets. It also has darts, as well as a wall just begging to painted on. If you're looking for the rest of the Paste Up challenges, you can find their location in our handy guide!

Darts Locations in the City of London

This is the beating heart of London's economy, where disaster capitalist can toast a collapsing economy and all the anguish that brings. When they aren't busy making sure they're getting richer at the cost of everyone else, you might find them palling around at the singular dartboard in the borough.

Darts Location #5

Earls Fortune, again. I like to think that they copied this pub from the one in Camden, rather than the other way around, but who's to say. It sits more or less in the middle of the City, so all the soulless bankers can head there after a hard day of being too big to fail.

Darts Locations in Tower Hamlets

Further east is the historic borough of Tower Hamlets. Alongside the world-famous Tower of London, you can also find another single dartboard, who's to say which is more beautiful and interested.

Darts Location #6

At the very edge of the Thames is the Drowning Post pub. A bit of a worrying name, but there's plenty of drinks, darts, and Paste Up locations to find.

Darts Locations in the City of Westminster

The City of Westminster is the political heart of the city and country, so there's no surprise that there are five dartboards scattered around for the idle politicians and royals to whine away their hours with.

Darts Location #7

Of Songs And Barley is another unique pub name, which is always nice to come across, and has an ample dartboard as well for your enjoyment.

Darts Location #8

If you thought well of the first Golden Rivet, you'll love this one. Not far from the Thames, it's a lovely place to stop playing with technology, and start playing with sharp implements instead.

Darts Location #9

Earls Fortune, again. Again. I suppose this should be the first Earl's Fortune because this is also the secretive home of your DedSec operation, but this list started in Camden, so this is the third as far as I'm concerned.

Darts Location #10

On the edge of the royal gardens is the Winter Lion Pub which just shows you how little pub landlords know about lions. But while you'll never find David Attenborough here, you can find a dartboard.

Darts Location #11

At the very edge of the city of Westminster, tucked away is the (first) Martlet's Nest. It's slightly out of the way, but it's worth it for the sweet sweet smell of cork.

Darts Locations in Southwark

Jumping over the river you might just find yourself in Southwark. There are more bars on this side of the Thames, but this modernisation has reduced the number of dartboards. Although saying that, there are only four in relatively small Southwark.

Darts Location #12

Earl's Fortune, again. Again. Again. I have nothing more to say about the Earl's Fortune, except that it still has a dartboard.

Darts Location #13

Near the bridges is the Three Hawker Boys, a pub with a name I'm not going to speculate on. Take a moment before or after raiding a battleship to play a game of darts, and maybe have a drink too.

Darts Location #14

Another Martlet's Nest, but it's not identical. This one also has a Paste Up location for those that like to mix an adrenaline-pumping game of darts with a humdrum bit of parkour and graffiti.

Darts Locations in Lambeth

Lambeth is quite a big area, but also the last you'll have to visit to complete your darts crawl through the city. Don't worry, you're nearly finished.

Darts Location #15

This first pub to visit in Lambeth is basically over the road from the Martlet's Edge. It's another Golden Rivet with another dartboard.

Darts Location #16

The Xcess might look intimidating for the older generations that still complain they can't smoke inside, but at least it's got a good old fashioned game of darts.

Darts Location #17

What to do when you're locked up forever because your parents weren't born in England? Play darts I guess. This tucked-away pub, complete with a dartboard, doesn't exactly have a name but is the only solace to a lot of unfortunate people caught in Albion's web.

Darts Location #18

Watch Dogs Legion has been keeping up with the architectural fades of the British Isles, with this little pub built into disused shipping containers. Boxtown isn't so boxy that it couldn't fit a dartboard.

Darts Location #19

This is the second Golden Rivet in Lambeth. Thankfully, it's the last pub on the list.

Darts Locations in Nine Elms

None. The people of Nine Elms have evolved beyond the needs of both pubs and dartboards.