Epic Games Launcher Gets Partial Fix for Raised Idle Temperature Issue

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The Epic Games launcher was recently found to be raising idle GPU temperatures. After being tipped off the issue, Epic's Sergei Galyonkin promised a fix yesterday on Twitter.

We have identified the issue and currently testing the fix. You’ll see it in the patch notes once the launcher gets updated 🙂

That fix is now live, as the Epic Games launcher client has been updated to version 11.0.2. However, Galyonkin himself says it's a 'partial' one, though we don't have more details on what that means exactly.

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The hotfix is live now (11.0.2). It's not a full solution, but things should improve.

If you're still encountering this very issue on your PC, you might want to look into using an alternative to the Epic Games launcher such as Legendary. That said, be warned the software currently doesn't come with any graphical user interface and has to be run from the PowerShell app (if you're using Windows).

Legendary is an open-source game launcher that can download and install games from the Epic Games platform on Linux and Windows. Its name as a tongue-in-cheek play on tiers of item rarity in many MMORPGs.

Right now Legendary is in beta and not feature-complete. You might run into some bugs or issues.

What works:

  • Authenticating with Epic's service
  • Downloading and installing your games and their DLC
  • Delta patching/updating of installed games
  • Launching games with online authentication (for multiplayer/DRM)
  • Syncing cloud saves (compatible with EGL)
  • Running games with WINE on Linux
  • Importing/Exporting installed games from/to the Epic Games Launcher


  • Simple GUI for managing/launching games
  • Better interfaces for other developers to use Legendary in their projects
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes, optimizations, and refactoring...

In related Epic Games launcher news, today you can grab Torchlight 2 for free. Tomorrow, according to the leaked list, should be the turn of Jurassic World Evolution.

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